◊ Develop HSSEQ system that is up and running by end of Q1
◊ Increase level of HSSEQ appreciation/understanding from 30% to 75% by Dec 2017.
◊ Reduce operation services costs by 50% by end of Q4
◊ To Increase level of employee competencies from 40% to 60% by Dec 2017.
◊ To improve employee satisfaction by 10% by end of Q4.
◊ Minimize security risk at the loading bay by employing two guards by end of Q4.
◊ Conduct two internal audits by end of Q4.
◊ Identify at least 4 categories of waste on site and offsite( parking bay).
◊ To Install two IT backups system by end of Dec 2017


It is the policy of Tholo Energy Services to do all that is reasonable to establish, maintain and promote the best standards of Occupational Health, Safety, Security, Environment, Quality and Sustainability management during the process of handling & distribution of Petroleum products, so as to endeavour to prevent personal injury, damage to health and property, promote environmental protection and sustainable prevention of injury or losses through fire.

Tholo Energy Services employees will strive for continuous improvements on the following:

◊ Provide and maintain all equipment, vehicles and services. To ensure compliance with the best HSSEQ standards
◊ Provide the necessary information, instruction, training and supervision to enable all employees to identify hazards and contribute positively to HSSEQ planning, decision making and management
◊ Ensure that all our business operations comply with the applicable local and International Laws and Regulations governing the transportation of Dangerous Good.
◊ Measure and report on all HSSEQ issues in a fair, transparent and meaningful manner
◊ Ensure that all employees work in a safe and secure work environment, that all assets and information system are protected against damage loss or vandalism
◊ Obtain alarm and camera system in strategic areas in the office block and in convenient point in yard and schedule monitoring system as per HSSEQ standards.

◊ Ensure that all records will be stored in an orderly manner for ease of retrieval. Storage facilities shall protect records against deterioration from ultra violet light, water damage and pests.

◊ Ensures that it has a proper back up site and server for storage of documentation in the event of fire.

◊ Ensuring that only environmentally responsible methods are used for the disposal of waste products.

◊ Measuring and reporting on all Health, Safety and Environmental issues in a fair, transparent and meaningful manner

◊ Adopt a pro-active attitude to ensure continually improvement of our HSSEQ performance by reducing incidents.
◊ To ensure quality control on all product receipts and issues comply with company standards. Ensuring continuous improvement on accident, incident and injury reduction .To provide superior internal and external customer service

◊ Ensuring that all visitors are introduced to the site induction to promote prevention of Health, Safety, Security and Environmental and Quality standards Everyone is encouraged to carry the HSSEQ standards from the workplace to their homes in order that it influences and the example benefit those who are so important to us.