Within 5 years of operation, Tholo Energy Services has received a BID Quality Award as a special recognition for the commitment to continuous search for quality and excellence. Tholo Energy Services received a special invitation to participate in the International Quality Summit Convention held in New York in 2017 and to receive the Quality Award in the Gold Category.

By receiving this award, Tholo Energy Services has joined the worldwide league of Business Leaders who represent entrepreneurship success and total quality and it is also an endorsement and clear indication that Tholo Energy Services is fully committed to Quality and conforms to the International Quality Standards in its day to day activities. The Company aims to continue to work hard to ensure that it continues with its quality initiatives in order to meet clients’ expectations and achieve notable results. This can only be achieved through continuous efforts and initiatives to ensure that quality becomes a culture at Tholo Energy Services.

Vision and Mission

We are committed to solidifying our position and making a difference in global community markets and ensuring sustainability and growth by harmonising the needs of our stakeholders and our clients.

To provide complete transportation and supply/delivery of petroleum to our clients efficiently. To be a leading energy services company by rapidly maturing our exploration portfolio and fulfilling the work programme commitments with new and existing partners, whilst placing a strict emphasis on capital discipline.

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Transportation and Delivery/Supply of petroleum :  in the midst of tough global and economic conditions the company has managed to perform very well and meets the needs of its customers. the company excel in the supply of petroleum to both the mining sector and the other large development projects in Lesotho.