Historical milestones and a variety of achievements characterize our company’s journey: Within the past year we have successfully undertaken Safety Management System Audit with the following companies:
Total focuses on the following areas:

Strategy and Management Responsibilities:

◊ Management Engagement, Roles and Responsibilities
◊ HSSE Objectives and Plan
◊ HSSE System Review

Planning and Management System administration:

◊ Planning and System documentation

Hazards identification and risks evaluation:

◊ Regulatory and normative conformity
◊ Hazards identification and risks assessment
◊ Hazards identification and HSSEQ risks assessment

Human Resources Management:

◊ Recruitment, Training and induction
◊ Promotion and communication of HSSEQSD

Operations control:

◊ Product awareness and service
◊ Risk Management, Emergency situation and Waste management
◊ Assets management and Purchase management

The company has successfully passed the Sasol SQAS audit which was conducted in February 2018.

The audit was mainly focused on:


Puma: the main focus areas of the audit were:

◊ Operations Management ,
◊ Safe working and operating procedures

Vehicle and equipment:
◊ Standards,
◊ Maintenance ,
◊ Tyres and wheels ,
◊ Vehicle replacement and selection
◊ Prime mover and Tanker specification policies and procedures
◊ Competency of maintenance resources

◊ Safety policy
◊ General safety rules
◊ Emergency Response Plan and procedures
◊ Reporting of incidences
◊ Route Risk Assessment (RRA)


Engen’s main focus areas were:
◊ HSE Policies
◊ Management Review
◊ HSE Management System
◊ Risk assessment
◊ Policies and procedures
◊ Fleet Maintenance