Company Background

tholo_energy_truckTholo Energy Services has been operational since June 2011 and has principally dealt with and continuing to excel in the supply of petroleum products to both the mining sector and other large developmental projects in Lesotho. In the midst of tough global and national economic conditions, the business has managed to achieve the healthiest balance sheet.

This is largely due to the highly technical and experienced management team that the company prides itself with.


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Company Strategy

Consolidate our position as a locally leading energy service company by rapidly maturing our exploration portfolio and fulfilling the work programme commitments with new partners, whilst placing a strict emphasis on capital discipline.

Our Fleet

our_fleetTholo Energy Services has Scania R500 V8 make trucks and GRW tankers with the capacity of 50,000 liters. This has proven to be the most efficient method of our transportation service.

Our fleet has managed and continues to supply 40,000-litre loads to the mines located in the highlands of Lesotho (Mokhotlong district) due to the following merits:

◊ Our trucks have “Hub Reductions”;
◊ We strictly procure and maintain a combination of R500 Scania trucks and GRW tankers;

We maintain the following key pillars in our approach:

◊ Cost-reduction initiatives.
◊ Driver safety.
◊ Increasing driver productivity.